Steps for establishing a commercial company in Bahrain

Steps for establishing a commercial company in Bahrain

Three steps to establish your own company in Bahrain

1. For the process of this step we will need a copy of your passport and the following information about your business:

What type of company you want? Is it a single person company, a limited liability company or any other type of partnership?
What do you like to name your company and how much is the capital?
What are the business activities?
Who are the partners and what is the ownership percentage for each one?
Who is going to manage the company?
what is the date of fiscal year-end?

Once we get above information, we will apply for the security clearance and follow it up with the Ministry of Interior. After getting security clearance approval, process will be transferred to the Ministry of Commerce and Industry for the commercial name approval.
2. Once we get security clearance and commercial name approvals, Power of Attorney (POA) has to be prepared for us in order to be able to establish the company on your behalf.We will prepare a sample POA for you to use. However, it could be issued either from a Bahraini notary or from a notary from your country.Also you need to rent a commercial place to be your company address in Bahrain, it can be a commercial flat, a shop, or a table in a Business centre. Furthermore, we will prepare all legal documents and obtain all approvals from all entities mentioned bellow depending on your business activities.

- Ministry of Interior
- Ministry of Commerce and Industry
- Municipality
- Electricity and water
- Ministry of Information
- Civil Defense
- Ministry of Health
- Environment Authority
- Ministry of Justice
- Banks
- Chamber of Commerce and Industry
- Social Insurance
- Labour Market Regulatory Authority
- Immigration
- Central Information Organization

After obtaining all required approvals you need to open a bank account in the name of the new company with any local Bank to and deposit the company capital. When the fund is already deposited, a deposit certificate will be given to you in order to get an active CR.
3.Based on the active CR you will be able to apply for residence permits; Investor Residence Permit for the company partners, Dependant Residence Permit for Investors' families, as well as Employees Residence Permit for the company employees. ( Please note that residency permits have separate fees payble to the relevant Government authority and we charge seperate fees for the same)

Residence requirements:
- Medical check-up for the Investor visa.
- Medical check-up and employment contract for the employees visas
- Marriage certificate and copy of wife's passport for the investor's wife visa.
- Birth certificates and copy of Children' passports for the Children visa.

Note:- Medical check-up is required only for investor and employees but not required for family members.