If all the required documents are received the whole process will take from three to four weeks and you will get your investor visa after getting the active CR(Commercial Register).
There is no specific minimum capital for the company, you can start your business with any amount provided that the amount of capital is suitable to carryout the company objects.
Capital should be deposited with a local bank before obtaining the final CR, a certificate from the bank to that effect is needed to complete company registration. Capital can then be used normally.

1. Total Government fees - BD 251 (this is for all ministries fees it could be more for some of business activities).

2. Electricity and water insurance - BD 100 (this insurance will be returned back to you if electricity is not being used).

3. Investor or Employee Visa - BD 344 for two years validity or BD 172 for one year validity + 5 BD monthly for LMRA fees.

4. Family visa - BD 90 for each family member ( two years validity) (there is no BD 5 fees for Family visas )

5. Rent office - BD 80 Office rent per month (it could be more depending on the area and size of the office).

6. LevantBMS Processing Fees - BD 450 for commercial or services activities and BD 800 for industrial business activities.

Just BD 50 for renewing your company CR.   Note: 1 BD = 2.65 USD

You should sign the rental agreement after getting security clearance and commercial name approval.

Note: Rents start from BD 80 per month depending on the office size.

Yes, you can modify any information you want; you can change the company's name, add new partners, remove partners, add or delete business activities, open new branches, increase the capital, and other amendments.

Yes, GCC nationalities are treated as Bahrainis and they can establish an Individual Establishment or a company with 100% ownership.

Yes, Americans are treated same as Bahrainis and you can 100% own any activity such as service, Industrial, or trading activities, (so no need for Bahraini partner if you don’t want).

Depending on the business activity, there are many activities that you can practice with 100% ownership. Most of these activities are industrial and services, if your business activities are trading activities (import / export) then you should have a Bahraini partner with 51%.

Yes, you can work in a GCC country and invest in Bahrain no problem at all.

Yes, you can start your business in Bahrain if you get no objection letter from your employer.

Yes, you have more activities in one CR, and you can open other branches or other companies.

Property owner – Business owner - Employee with a Bahrain company - Student – Dependant Visa.

Renewing the Commercial Register annually, renewing the residence permits every two years, paying the rent and electricity bills ,paying Labor Market Regulatory Authority's bill, and preparing the company's financial report after completion of each financial year.

The Labor Market Regulatory Authority's bill is a nominal amount for each investor or employee working in the company and it is BD 5 monthly.

Yes, but the number of granted residence permits depends on the size and on type of activity of the company. However, initially you can get two or three visas.