About Us

Think Differently!

Business is like a small plant that best grow in the right soil. Let it thrives by investing in knowledge and talent, everything else will follow!

Think Advice!

A business idea might be good, but you can’t execute it alone. Ignoring what other people know isn’t a good idea, let them work for you, get advice!

Think growth!

Know how to focus on growth. Growth needs commitment, accountability & reward, create that culture and remember that communication is key!

About Us

LEVANT Business Management Services Co W.L.L is a company registered in the Kingdom of Bahrain with the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism. It is licensed to undertake business management services by assisting clients achieving their business and investment goals in the Kingdom of Bahrain. We offer a broad range of corporate and advisory services including the following.

Services at the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism. . Incorporate, register a new company, or make changes to an existing one and manage all company activities. Change company address, name, branch or CR. Change company Memorandum and Articles of Association. Change company type, ownership, or transfer ownership. Increase or decrease company capital. Manage authorized signatories. Change partners, remove, or add new ones. Manage representatives. Change directors, add new ones, or remove existing directors, delete CR or license or change group name. Manage mortgages or change company life span. Change Financial year end and change sponsors. Apply for Bankruptcy and execute the process.

CORPORATE SERVICES Management Consulting. Company Restructuring. Shareholders Equity issues. Company Capitalization. Corporate Governance. Regulatory and non-Regulatory Compliance, Framework and Strategy. Policies and Procedures. Regulatory Approvals. Directors Evaluation. Assisting with AGMs &EGMs. Assisting with Annual Reports.

ADVISORY SERVICES IPOs Company Capitalization. Private, Public Subscription and Investment Placement. Assisting with Private Equity investment. Private and Public Placement Memorandum. Merger & Acquisitions. Shares Placement, sale & purchase of shares.

STATUTORY APPROVALS, we help our clients meeting statutory requirements and obtain approvals from the Kingdom of Bahrain relevant authorities including the Central Bank of Bahrain, Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism and other entities. Whether you are considering establishing a new business or thinking of re-structuring an existing one, we are here to assist and lead your business to the next level!

CORPORATE GOVERNANCE, Bahrain new Corporate Governance implementation can be very tricky! we help your business adopting the right structure and comply with the new Bahrain Corporate Governance requirements!

MERGER AND ACQUISITIONS, we advise on Merger & Acquisitions by helping your business steering the process without future negative surprises. We help with legal and financial due diligence, assets legacy, disclosure, and the merger documentation.

Our Services

our Objective

Our Company objective is to help our clients achieve their business and investment goals in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Whether you are looking to establish a new business or relocating an existing one, we offer expert perspective to your experience!

Mission & Vision

The company aims at bringing home a meaningful business services perspective for the region to address the business and investment needs of our clients in the Kingdom of Bahrain.