Investing in Bahrain

Investing in Bahrain


1. Kingdom of Bahrain is an island country in the Arab Gulf and it is one of the GCC countries. Bahrain is very close to Saudi Arabia market connected by the 25-kilometre King Fahd Causeway. Bahrain is your second home where you can start your business, buy real estate under your name, buy shares and bonds, as well as benefiting of its other many advantages.

2. All nationalities can invest with a 100% ownership choosing from a wide range of business activities where Bahrain and GCC markets will be open for you.

3. The cost of living is very reasonable and affordable compared to other countries, such as rent, electricity, water, petrol, health, education and food.

4. You can start your business with any amount of capital.

5. You can get an investor Visa for 10 years with health insurance without sponsor, this will allow you travel to all GCC countries (for non-GCC nationalities).

6. There is no tax for companies or individuals.

7. Easy to get financial support for your business, also Bahraini Dinar is pegged to US dollar with exchange rate fixed at (BD 1 = US $ 2.65).

8. You can buy your own properties in Bahrain such as apartments, villas or buildings.

9. Strategic geographical location within the GCC countries close to Saudi market, only 30 KM across King Fahd Causeway.

10. Very strong infrastructure and excellent services such as banking services, insurance, electricity, water, internet, telecommunications, transport, health, education, ports, airports and Roads.

11. Bahrain is well known for its vibrant community of expats, tolerance and friendliness. English is widly spoken in addition to the native Arabic language.

12. Government supports up to 50% of the value of equipment required for the success of your business.

13. Government supports up to 70% of the salaries of Bahraini employees and you can get work permits for non-Bahrainis.

14. Bahrain has one of the largest ports in the region as well as one of the largest free zones that provides all the logistic services for the Arab Gulf countries and the world.

15. You can travel anywhere in the world with the national flag carrier of Bahrain (Gulf Air ).