Establishing business in Bahrain

Establishing business in Bahrain

Levant Business Management Services will help you go through all the steps necessary to establish your business and investment in Bahrain. We are led by an experienced lawyer who has more than fifteen years’ experience in Bahrain and a total of over 27 years of legal experience in UK, KAS and Bahrain.

Obtaining initial approvalsAt this stage, you will need to provide the following for initial approval.

- Power of Attorney to represent the partners
- ID and names of all partners and directors
- The name of your company (propose three names)
- Type of company (we help you to decide if you are not sure)
- Your business objectives (activity)
- The business structures

Once we receive the above information, we will apply for the security clearance for all the partners from the Ministry of Interior Affairs. Once the security clearance is granted, we will apply to obtain a Commercial Registration Certificate (CR) for your business. However, this CR will not be active, and you cannot carry out business until it becomes an “ACTIVE CR”.

Final approval and incorporation of the company

The initial approval is necessary for you to move to the next stage of the process of incorporation of your business. You will use this CR to;

- Open a bank account in the name of the new company
- Lease office space (address for the company)
- Obtain Municipal approvals
- Obtain approvals from any relevant regulatory authority
- Pay for the licensing fees and permits

Notarization of the Memorandum of Association

We will draft and review the Memorandum of Association of the company with you and obtain the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism approval of the same. This takes several stages which we will follow up and advise you of the progress in due course. We will then have the Memorandum of Association notarised at the Notary Public. Following this step, you need to deposit the company’s paid-up capital in the company new bank account and obtain a certificate confirming the same using the original notarized Memorandum of Association.

Once the above steps are completed, we will obtain for you the ACTIVE CR which means that your company is now incorporated and registered with the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Your company needs to be registered with the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce & Industry as required by law. The CR is renewable each year.

All these steps require either your physical presence in Bahrain or issuing us with a Power of Attorney to represent you in carrying out all the above on your behalf. In that case, you don’t need to be present in Bahrain.